muddled thoughts

It's difficult to remember sunlight on cloudy days. If on happy days, after chirpy talks, I stop and remind myself that these people may not be with me always, then, on lonesome nights, my voice must spell, that the solitude cannot survive either. But I can't see, it's too far, too blur, too unlikely, too difficult.

Difficult choices, are scary, and should be so, because their impact is longer-lasting, for me, for people other than me. For, if I was just dealing with me, I could be reckless, and hurt myself.

If hurting other people makes me stop and think, and more importantly think and stop, then, they too must make the exact same big scary choices for me, in favor of me, towards me. But, life’s risk really begins in not expecting others to return the love and faith.

Difficult decisions are symbolic because they summon integrity, strength, and maturity: Integrity to not leave the ground, strengths to fight temptations and maturity to delay gratification. The symbolic nature is often revealed by the very nature of life because what life, a chain is of inter-related and inter-connected events. Connections are different from bonds.

If there is sunlight, then there will be rain. If-then, If- then, If-then. The ‘if-then’ logic has an inherent flaw. In a series of if-then logics, too, the premises can all be true and yet the conclusions wrong. By the same game, can all the premises be wrong and yet the conclusion right?

I think, therefore I am.

"Wisdom entereth not into a malicious mind, and science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul." Fran├žois Rabelais ~