One big mosaic

Just keep doing the little right things,

One by one, tie the strings,

For times will be tough, and roads could be rough,

Life will take odd turns, curiously enough

Just keep doing the humble right things,

Baby-steps even, may not be wings

Weary if you get, rest and breathe,

But in the morning, throw away the sheath

Just keep doing those weak right things,

And patiently wait, till fate swings

Each one is feeble, when blended a might,

In the darkest hour, before the dawn, a fire they’ll ignite

Just keep doing, broken right things,

They’ll come back to you, baby ducklings

Powerless they seem, but don’t yet quit

Pieces of a mosaic, together they’ll fit,

Just keep doing those daily right things,

And before you know, it’ll be spring who sings

Achieve you will, secret heart’s desire

Secretly enough, all the universe conspire