It starts raining

So, off it starts, lots of it,

Falling from the sky, from the clouds slit

On my window, a maze it creates,

Secretly but every time, my smile it dates

To go out or not, if my mind debates,

It stops for a while, and quietly awaits

As much I try, out I am lured,

Drenched I should be, the clouds ensured

I look up and smile, they wink back at me,

I look down and see, an artsy muddled sea

So, it’s just water, lots of it,

Comes trickling down, when my sorrows commit

Did the clouds know that I was upset?

So they send, my sadness a threat?

I play like a child, with a single droplet,

Up and down my finger, will it fall I bet,

The water is cold, yet it heals

With games like these, my grief it steals

-- (This poem still seems incomplete. Any takers for a nice close?)