Favorite Grey's Anatomy Quotes: 

1) You can make your way back, from ANYTHING. - Chief to Derrick

2) Screw the odds, screw the science. Just fight your best. - Lexie 

3) You've already made your decision. Look where you started, look where you are now. You know exactly what you have to do.

4) "Don't lick your wounds, celebrate them. The scars you bare are the signs of a true competitor. You're in a lion fight Stevens. Just because you didn't win doesn't mean you don't know how to roar." - Chief 

5) You should meditate for at least 20 minutes a day; unless you are busy. Then you should meditate an hour. - Old Zen saying.

6a) Intelligence is sexy. Don't play stupid. 

6b) Smart is the new sexy.

7) Materialism - Spending money you don't have buy crap you don't need.

8) Sapiosexual - A behavior of becoming attracted to or aroused by intelligence & it's use.

9) Happy Wife, Happy Life!

10) There is no planet B. Please turn off the lights when you leave the room empty.

11) Shout out to all the women who do not have to dress half-naked to get a man's attention. Stay Classy, Stay Intelligent, Stay Smart. 

12) Stop being politically retarded. 

13a) Every king needs his queen. Word. 

13b) Every father should remember that one day his kid will follow his example, not his advice. 

14) I want to be the reason you look down at your phone, smile, blush & walk into a pole. 

15) Chemistry between two mentally strong & healthy persons is like the resonance of a tuning fork. 

16) He was born with a gift of laughter & a sense that the world was mad. - Raphael sabatini

17) Oh, I offended you with my opinion. You should hear the ones I keep to myself.

The soul should always stand ajar,

That if the heaven inquire, 

He will not be obliged to wait, 

Or shy of troubling her. -- Emily Dickinson, Poet

It is not an adventure worth telling, if there aren't any dragons.-Sarah Ban, author

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. - Helen Keller, American author, political activist, and lecturer

Wo khud hi Tay karta hai Manzil Asmano ki, Parindo ko Nahi di Jati Taleem Udaano ki,Rakhta Hai Jo Housla Aasma Chhune ka, Usko Nahi Hoti Parwah Gir Jane ki . 

When faced with a difficult choice, make the one that you are sure you won't regret. - Unknown

Favorite Quotes

A mother’s plight as she signs the divorce papers & keeps the house-keys on the table over small note that reads:
Repeat my son’s age twice, that doctor is very forgetful,
When you take him to park, take Band-Aids a handful,  
If he is cranky by the evening, ask who shared his lunch-box today,
He loves to use a dictionary, when he writes an essay,
The hidden toys are always in the side-pocket of the bag,
After winning at tennis, coach him to not brag,
Even if we are bidding adieu,
Will you please remember that he wants to be just like you?

A small note

Dichotomy.. .. 
My smile would lure a many, but with you around it’s all stolen heartbeats if any.. ..
I’d spread my charm around, with you I’m charmed I found.. ..
The path from my heart to words is new; I fail to walk there for you.. ..
Sometimes words write themselves and I wonder why, only our story is cloaked and shy.. ..

Thoda sa fark hain.. ..
Apni hi muskuraahat pe itraatein the hum, par ek tumhare hi saamne, kambakht dhadkan saath nahee deti.. ..
Palat ke dekh le to jadoo chala dete hain hum, jabse tum aaye ho, chori se nazrein tumhe hain dekhti.. ..
Dil se shabdon tak ka raasta bhi abb lamba hua, chalna tum tak wahan mushkil hua.. ..
Yun to kavita apne aap ban jaati hain, bas ek humaari hi kahani sharmaati hain.. ..


Open a gigantic spreadsheet,
Turn office chair into a love-seat,
Pivot table incomplete, Regression line is a crooked street
Trend-line looks bittersweet, makes me want alcohol neat

Is the formula correct?
Or some row or column did I neglect?
Why won’t the data consolidate?
Dear MS Suite, am I wrecked?

I freak out, every time I log out & wave
It asks me if I want to save,
‘Made any changes?’ asks my brainwave,
After ten minutes of thinking, my memory forgave,

And, in this last stanza I swear,
Sending my ambitions to child-care,
I will dive back into the hundred square,
And faithfully return to my EXCEL affair

EXCEL humor

If you are going out this evening, why not look for a choice?
One that tickles your heart’s murmur, to come out as a voice

If you must have a drink, let it be of salty humor,
Such that your nerves would crave, with her a little rumor

Hide a small under-cover effort, to find a bent mind,
Not crazy like you, but the crazier kind

If you must stay up all night, out and about,
With you should be another lucky heart, to break-free and break-out

 Let the dawn bring, a risky adventure, sprinkled with rapture,
By morning don’t blame her smile, b’coz your heart’s gone to a secret capture!


You heading out tonight?

Dar hain kahi milne na bula lo aaj tum,
Hasraton ki dor jo uljhee padi hain, unhje hum suljhane lage, 
Aur pata pade dil laga baithe hain hum,
Isi liye, door rahoon tumse, kahin chot na lage humein....

Mere choone se hi khatm na ho jaaye, kahin yeh silsila,
Mere khayal hi tod denge, tumhare nazdeekiyon se sapne
Ab lagta hain khud se hi dar,
Door rahoon tumse.. kahin chot na lage humein…

Kivaadien bandh hi rahe

Choti si ho chali hain duniya,
Chote ho gaye hain sab ke ghar
Lakshya bhi door se hain dikhta chota,
Bas mere sapnon ko bada rahne do

Thak jaate hain dil zaroor,
Par fark thakne aur haarne mein rakhun
Chahe kaafilein kuch der rok do,
Par sapnon ko bada rehne do

Manzilein ittefakan nahin khilti,
Pasine se seenchi jaati hain
Iraadon mein rakhun unchaeeyan,
Aur sapnon ko bada rehne dun

Jab koi naa tha mere saath
Chupke se aayee maat,
Hoslon mein aandhi akele jalayee
Aur sapnon ko bada rehne diya

Jab safalta ke padav ayenge,
Aabhaar se muskuraenge
Jinhone himmat di thi, saath unhe kar lenge,
Sapnon ko AUR bada kar lenge

sapnon ko bada rahne do