As the days go by. . . . .

A day further from last time, a day closer is next time

Now as the days go by, grows my love sublime

Through my tears, I smile at the moon,

Once the days go by, fate will lay strewn

Wanders my mind, under the sky designed

When days go by, in my arms, you’ll unwind

Lucky to have you, someone who can see through

As the days go by, bid separation adieu

Perfect we are, imperfect is this distance,

So, as the days go by, will melts it’s existence

Even though alone, I feel whole, Cuz your touch fills up my soul

Yes, let the days go by, let the moon stroll

So if you feel alone, look in a mirror, for inside it, I am always near

And when the days go by, will die this wind insincere

I fear no dismay; we’re under the same sky

Let the days go by, because faith is my spy

Passes another lonely night, with you in my sight,

Once the days go by, my kiss will bring back the light

This dawn I swear, in my little prayer,

As the days go by, I will be there