A little voice in my head

Every time I think I can’t do it,

“What if I am just one step away?”

Every time I am scared,

“What’s more important than this fear?”

Every time I decide to give up,

“What about the perseverance that defines me?”

Every time I decide to end it,

“Can I forget the tears & the laughter shared?”

Every time I accept defeat,

“Let me give it one more try”

Every time things go wrong,

“This can’t last long”

Every time I am tired,

“I promised myself & my loved ones”

Every time I cry myself to sleep,

“I’ll try again tomorrow”

Every time bad luck hits,

“Miracles also exist”

Every time I fail,

“Failure is not final”

Every time I think there’s no one with me,

“Fight it out alone”

Every time I am sure there’s no God,

“How come I still exist?”

I don’t know what this ‘little voice in my head’ is.

I want to thank it though.