Book Review: The Power, Rhonda Bryne

Hello readers!

Thanks to My second love – healthcare – life is very busy these days. And so creativity is stalled. So, no poems. But, I wanted to share with you a 399 word review of a book I read recently- The Power, by Rhonda Bryne. (My First book review. I promise I’ll get better at this.)

For Rhonda Bryne fans, her latest book ‘The Power’, a sequel to her first super-success ‘The Secret’ is a full meal. She starts with a fantastic sentence ‘Life is simple’ – an anti-thesis of what psychologist M.Scott wrote in his block-buster book ‘A Road Less Traveled’ ‘Life is difficult’. If juggling with psychology, quantum physics & ‘why we exist’ is a perfect idea of (what I call) SBWB – Sunday Brunch With a Book, this book is the biggest bang for the buck.

She delightfully elaborates a single word ‘love’ throughout the book- what it is, how it relates to the law of attraction, why should you bother, what is the purpose of love, what you should do, etc etc.

For me, the best part of the book was relating quantum physics to law of attraction (A chapter called ‘Life Follows You’). To rephrase one important concept here: You may believe that everything we see is true. Leaves ARE green colored. However, each thing absorbs all the colors that it really is, and reflects what it is NOT. So, are leaves green really? She wonderfully extrapolates this concept to life and events.

The universe seems to be designed. We may not know anything about the designer (to the point that some of us doubt his/her existence), but many of us see ‘patterns’ that others don’t. Many of us ‘feel’ that life is not a random scheme of events. We may not understand the larger picture, perhaps it is too large for us and we see only glimpses at a time. However, we struggle to understand how pieces of this large puzzle move- in synchrony & in harmony. If you believe what Dr. Peck called ‘grace’ and what Rhonda calls ‘power’ go buy the book. You won’t regret.

Like in her previous book, she does beat some concepts to death. But then, all teachers/preachers do. Let’s excuse that.

For those who want to have fun holding two contradicting thoughts in the mind simultaneously, ask these questions: She says,” As far as the law of attraction is concerned, there is only one person in the world—you!” Is this ‘true’ or selfishness? Who attracted cancer into their life? Why don’t we wish away the wars & the bloodshed?

My only disappointment: While focusing on ‘great thinking & feeling’, she does not elaborate on inspired action. Or maybe we’ll see it in her next?