Serious Girl-Talk: Who says ladkiyan PJs nahin maarti?

NS: “I got a fraandships request on Orkut, lagta hain usko mujhse louuuu ho gaya hain. I hope he is a macho (pronounced: mako) mahn!” As if this wasn’t enough she asks me, with a Oscar-jeet-liya type look on her face, "Wasn’t that ‘Lai bhaari'?"

SS: One cold evening, we are all having a ‘I-want-a-husband’ discussion, (for X, Y and Z purposes- X being credit card, Y being procreation and Z grocery shopping) one of my roommate WHO HAS A HUSBAND exclaims, “I want an affair!”

NS: In the middle of ‘we-are-all-growing-old’ discussion, she clasps her hand as if praying, looks at the ceiling and with dreamy eyes says “I’m only 18 and he’s soooooooooo cute!”

NS: Its EM-BRASSING to explain her that ‘hair’ does not have its plural counterpart as ‘hairS’.

BK: Out of the blue, around 2am, while reading for an exam decides to SING. And, the song she picks is ‘Excuse me, kya re, main do bachchon ki maa rey’. If that wasn’t enough, she decides to sing in the voice of a man!

US: In the middle of a study session, post-3am, next day is a final exam, US exclaims ‘Dooooooodee, I am scroooooood’ (note the rhyme-scheme?) Those who still need an explanation “scrooooood” = screwed

PN: This a classic: “When brain cells are not working, you got to make other cells work”. And, he does NOT specify which ones!